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Brake Repair, Suspension Repair, and Tires in Amherst, Massachusetts

When you need brake and suspension repairs from a trusted name, turn to College Street Motors for assistance. We are your source for brake repairs, suspension upgrades, and tire installation services. Contact us today to learn more.
Disc Break Repair — brake repair in Amherst, Massachusetts
Tire Installation — brake repair in Amherst, Massachusetts

Brake Services

Don't trust your brakes to just anyone, your safety depends on them. The ASE certified mechanics at College Street Motors will ensure safe driving with properly functioning brakes. Do you hear a grinding or chirping sound? That means it's time to check your brakes. We replace brake pads, shoes, and rotors to get you back on the road safely.

Caliper Replacement

A brake caliper problem could cause uneven braking, making your car slide forward when you brake. We can test your brakes to ensure that your calipers are functioning properly.

Brake Hoses

Brake hoses are very important because they supply the fluid to the braking mechanism. Any leaks can cause your brakes to fail.

Brake Fluid Flushes

It is important to perform a brake fluid flush regularly to ensure that your vehicle is using fresh fluid.

Wheel Bearings

These should be checked for leaks and wear periodically. If they break completely, the vehicle could become difficult and unsafe to drive.

Anti-Lock Brake System

If your ABS light comes on, visit College Street Motors to let us diagnose and fix the problem.

Undercarriage Services

Rely on College Street Motors to provide quality care for your vehicle's undercarriage. Stop by our shop to see how we can help you. To keep your vehicle running at peak performance, we provide a wide range of undercarriage services, including...


A properly aligned front end will maintain your car's handling ability as well as ensure proper tire tread wear.


We install mufflers, tail pipes, and catalytic converters. If your exhaust is loud and your acceleration and gas mileage is poor, it could be time for an exhaust check.


Keep your automobile ride comfortable. Properly functioning shocks will give you a smooth ride and good handling.


College Street Motors offers many name-brand tires at great prices. Some of the major brands we offer include Sumitomo Tire™, Firestone™, Goodyear®, and Continental™. We will balance your new tires to ensure proper wear and extend your tire's life. We also offer quality snow tires for rough New England winters as well as high-performance all-season tires.
Keep your vehicle in excellent condition with our brake and suspension repair services in Amherst, Massachusetts.